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How to Make First $1000 on Upwork sell skill [For Beginners]


If you want to start making money on Upwork, the first thing that you need is a portfolio of projects to show off. The best way to build this is by winning some work and getting paid for it quickly. However, if you don’t know how to win projects then it’s going to be difficult for your first dollar ever earned as a freelancer!

Try to win a project as quickly as possible

  • Try to win a project as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t let the client wait for you to start working on their project. If they want an answer from you within 12 hours, then that’s what they should expect from you.
  • Don’t let other freelancers take the project away from you because of what has happened in the past with Upwork projects (see below). You may have worked on this same type of job previously and lost it due to being late or not following instructions properly – but now there is no way that happens again!
  • Don’t let your competitors take over this task because they may have better skills than yours – especially if they are better at communicating with clients directly instead of through Upwork services like ours which only provide us with an interface between them and ourselves (and sometimes even less than that).

Create your profile

You should create a professional profile with your name, job title and email address as the first things you see on the page. This will help people feel more confident in talking to you or hiring you.

You also need to upload a high-quality photo of yourself (or use one of yours if it’s done well) so that people can get an idea of what kind of person they are dealing with when they contact you.

Finally add links through Upwork to your portfolio website and social media accounts – these will give potential clients an idea about what else is out there before making their decision about whether or not it would be worth spending time on this project

Build your rating

As you work on your skills and build up a portfolio of projects, make sure to keep those clients happy. If they’re not happy with what you deliver, it will reflect directly in your rating and will decrease the amount of jobs that are open for you.

You want to keep as many people as possible happy so that when someone does need an urgent job done for them (and there will always be some), they will hire you without hesitation because of how reliable and trustworthy their experience with other freelancers has been. This is also why it’s important not only provide good customer service but also share knowledge with others by teaching newbies like myself how things go down behind the scenes at Upwork!

Complete some low-cost jobs for free

Once you’re ready to start selling your skills, the first step is to complete some low-cost jobs for free. By completing these kinds of jobs, you’ll get valuable experience and feedback from clients in addition to building a good reputation. It’s best not to charge too much from the outset because it can be difficult for new freelancers to get paid if they don’t have a lot of work available—so this is one way that Upwork helps people who are just starting out.

After completing these tasks on Upwork (which should be easy since most of us have been there before), consider reaching out via email or social media messages with potential clients who might be interested in hiring your services at some point down the line when those projects become available again!

Prove that you are reliable and can complete the work in an appropriate time

You should always provide a sample of your work before you begin working on a new project. This is to prove that you can complete the work in an appropriate time, and that it will be delivered on time and with quality.

If you are unable to provide samples of previous projects or if they were completed many years ago, this may cause some hesitation when hiring someone new. It also shows that you have no idea what kind of person they might be as well as whether or not they can follow through with their promises once hired.

When hiring freelancers through Upwork or Freelancer, make sure that there are clear deadlines set for each task so there isn’t any confusion about when progress needs to be made by either party involved in completing said task(s).

Don’t make your first job large. Start with small projects, they will help you win the next ones

Start with small projects, they will help you win the next ones.

Start with small projects, they will help you build your reputation in the freelancing community and build your skills and knowledge.

Constantly improve your skills, learn new things and actively use them

This will increase your chances of winning future projects

You need to constantly improve your skills, learn new things and actively use them. This will increase your chances of winning future projects.

  • Use your free time wisely by learning new skills and using them on Upwork or in the field. Learn programming languages like Python, PHP or Ruby; learn how to build websites with HTML5; learn about databases like MySQL or MongoDB (if you want to work as a frontend developer).
  • There are lots of opportunities out there waiting for someone who wants to get started building software applications with these technologies but they’re not easy because they require a lot of knowledge which most people don’t have yet! It’s important that you take advantage of every opportunity that comes along because it could change everything about what kind of career path could lead up next.”

Always make sure that you have enough money so that you can pay the upcoming bills, which means increasing your savings while improving your rating

When it comes to earning money, the most important thing is to be able to pay your bills. If you don’t have enough in savings, then all the work that you do will go nowhere. The best way to make sure this doesn’t happen is by increasing your savings while improving your rating.

It’s also important that you do not spend all of your earnings every month and instead save some of them for emergencies or future expenses which may arise during the year such as car repairs or replacing old appliances with newer ones like refrigerators and washing machines.

Your first $1,000 will be proof of concept and it’ll establish trust in you as a reliable freelancer

Your first $1,000 will be proof of concept and it’ll establish trust in you as a reliable freelancer. You have to prove to the client that they can hire you and pay for your services. This is a necessary step before any real business starts up because without this initial contract you won’t have anything to show them except your word and a resume.

Your first work should be something simple so that when it comes time for the client to pay up front (they’ll want some kind of guarantee), they’ll feel comfortable doing so without worry – like if I’m going into business with someone else who hasn’t done much work yet? They might not trust me enough yet! But if we’ve done some projects together already…well then there’s nothing left but happiness 🙂


It’s not the easiest thing in the world, but it’s possible. It just takes time and effort. You will have to be consistent and keep working on your skills. If you do this, then you will find yourself making more money than ever before!

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