IT Division

1. eSamurdhi Curcular
2. eSamurdhi Curcular-2 (2013-09-30)
3. Software uses for e-bank system (2014.03.28)
4. (2015.03.25) Circular no 2015/CRM1 (2015.03.25) Update Customer Relationship Management Progamme
5. (2015.03.27) Circular no 2015/HRM1 Human Resource Management
6. Update Human Resource Management (2015.11.04) DDD/HO/11/ITD/01/HRM
7. Guide line for Subsidiary Family Information (2016.11.01)
8. Obtaining Internet Facilities for Headquarters Office(2016.11.16)
9. Purchase a set of tools for computer repair
10. Computerizing of low income families survey data (2017.03.03)
11. Concideration of appeals for selecting new samurdhi beneficiaries (2017.07.12)
12. Selection of Samurdhi Beneficiaries according to a scientific method from low income families (Cancellation of Published namelist) -2017.08.16
13. Updating the Housing Lottery 2017
District Officers
14. Updating the Housing Lottery Programme (2017.10.04) Amendment
District Officers
Cir NoCircular NameDateYear
1. eSamurdhi Curcular
2. eSamurdhi Curcular-22013-09-302013
3. Software uses for e-bank system
2015/CRM14. Update Customer Relationship Management Progamme2015.03.282015
2015/HRM15. Human Resource Management2015.03.272015
6. Update Human Resource Management2015.11.042015