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Diploma in Professional English Courses – University of Jaffna 2022

Professional English Courses University of Jaffna

Closing Date: 2022-05-18

Diploma in Professional English Courses – University of Jaffna 2022

Available Course : 

Calling Applications for Diploma in Professional English Course (2022) Conducted by Department of English Language Teaching (DELT), Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna

  • Duration: 01 Year (Weekends)
  • Course Fee: Rs.43,000/=

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Website Links – http://www.codl.jfn.ac.lk/

Diploma in Professional English (DPE)

Diploma in Professional English programme is introduced by the Centre for Open and Distance Learning, University of Jaffna. This course has been designed to suit all the professionals employed in various professional contexts and the non-professionals seeking employment. This programme is supposed to promote their career uplift through developing English Language competencies and thereby they could enhance their competencies and capabilities in the field of profession. The programme mainly focuses on most of the key aspects of professional practices and dynamics of communication with the aim of enhancing the ability of professionals. Professionals of different fields with high competency in English Language are the global demand at present. Recent awareness in Sri Lanka and its national plan for a trilingual society further demand for higher level competency in English language among professionals as a means of ethnic reconciliation and achievement of global standards in the field of profession.

To fulfill this goal, it is important to increase the number of appropriate English language users in all the areas and also professionals to use English simultaneously. Therefore, the Centre for Open and Distance Learning, University of Jaffna offers a Diploma in professional English programme designed by the Department of English Language Teaching for professionals in different fields with the intention of minimizing the problem of language issues of professionals in public and private sectors.

Justification on the Study Programme

The present propensity among the professionals in different working environment is to follow a Diploma in Professional English programme, as they feel that it would enhance employment opportunities and their professional uplift in their career. Our experience reveals that it is strongly believed that Diploma in Professional English programme will equip the professionals to have a comprehensive knowledge and skills of the field, which in turn would help solve the dearth of qualified English professionals in the Island.

The Diploma in Professional English programme aims at equipping professionals and non-professionals with English Language competencies required in fulfilling their needs – the professionals with their career improvement, students seeking employment both locally and abroad, to broaden their knowledge and skills in English in order to adapt to the world of work
The curriculum of the programme contains structure of language and all the main four language skills – Language Structure and usage, Advanced Reading skills and vocabulary development, Professional Writing, Listening skills and Project Writing. These components, while making followers able to perform their duties in any field of employment that requires a high degree of English proficiency, help them both to achieve proficiency in the language, and to lay a firm foundation for their further professional development.

Objectives of the Study Programme

  • Equip with English language proficiency to fulfill their day-to-day professional and higher educational requirements
  • Broaden with advanced proficiency in English language structure, technical writing advanced reading skill, business communication and presentation skills to perform confidently in any practical situations that require a higher degree of fluency, accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To promote adequate and uniformed proficiency level in English language to encounter the global and national demands in their respective fields,
  • To develop Basic Interpersonal Communicative Skills (BICS) and abilities in English and make them conversant in the language,
  • To promote all the basic language skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking,
  • To foster adequate necessary proficiency in English so as to make them employable
  • To increase the number of professionals with English Language via a Diploma in Professional English course which in turn is expected to minimise the acute dearth of English qualified professionals in the Island

Programme Delivery and Learner Support System

The programme will be conducted by the Centre for Open and Distance Learning (CODL), University of Jaffna. The lectures of the Diploma programme will be provided by the Department of English Language Teaching. Since the programme is conducted during the weekends, staff attached to the department will be employed. The Diploma programme will be delivered using blended teaching and learning methods to assure the students centred teaching and learning strategies to promote independent learning. The delivery of the programme includes face to face interactive lessons, presentations, and tutorials writing. In order to enhance an efficient programme delivery, learner support system will be formed by providing well-equipped lecture halls, use of educational technology in the field of ELT, various teaching and learning tools and aids, this learner support system will provide the students an opportunity for developing various skills needed for their profession.

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