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Allotment of days for driving licenses

National Transport Medical Institute

You may remember that you had to face many difficulties in obtaining the medical certificate when obtaining the driving license.

Instead of spending hours in the queue and setting aside a date and time for a driving medical exam, it is now possible to do so at home.

Anyone in Sri Lanka has to go to the Department of Motor Traffic to obtain a valid driver’s license.

The Verahera Department of Motor Traffic and its subsidiaries have long been a source of displeasure for those services.

They are accused of accepting bribes from intermediaries and wasting time due to a lack of efficient service.

This was one of the reasons for the rising public objections to public service.

President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa has launched a special program to look into ineffective government institutions.

The President visited the Verahera Department of Motor Traffic on December 26th, without informing anyone.

As a first step, the National Transport Medical Institute (NTC) has now formulated a system to reserve a date and time from home to sit for a medical examination for a driver’s license.

The service, which you received from the hourly polymer, is now available on the National Transport Medical Institute website

You can go to the Online Appointment column of that website and choose the date and time you can go for a medical exam.

If the time period for that date is already reserved, it will be shown in red and the unallocated time in green.

Once the date is selected, the next screen will separate your personal information.

You can also pay the service fee of Rs.

The Medical Certificate can be obtained within a short time after arrival at the National Transport Medical Center.

This service is available at the National Transport Medical Center (NTC), Nugegoda, which provides medical certificates for drivers’ licenses.

This online system will be implemented in all the National Transport Medical Centers branches islandwide soon.

The Ministry of Passenger Transport Management says that an app will also be introduced in the near future to provide this service over the mobile phone too.


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