School Cut off Marks for Grade 6 Admission 2023

School Cut off Marks for Grade 6 Admission

The Education Ministry has recently released the cutoff marks for admission into Grade 06 for the year 2023. These cutoff marks are applicable to students who passed the 2022 scholarship exam. You can click on the link below to access the cutoff marks.

Sinhala Medium Schools Cut off Marks Click Here
Tamil Medium Schools Cut off Marks Click Here

The cutoff marks for admission are an important factor in determining which students are eligible to enroll in Grade 06 for the academic year 2023. These marks are typically based on the performance of students in the previous year’s scholarship exam.

Students who achieved a score above the cutoff mark will be eligible to apply for admission to Grade 06 for the upcoming academic year. On the other hand, students who scored below the cutoff mark may not be eligible for admission and may need to consider other options for their education.

It is important for students and parents to be aware of the cutoff marks and to take them into consideration when planning for the future. The release of the cutoff marks by the Education Ministry provides transparency and clarity for students and their families regarding the admission process for Grade 06 in the upcoming academic year.