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Ministry of Finance

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The Ministry of Finance (Sinhala: Mudal Amathyanshaya; Tamil: நிதி மற்றும் வெகுசன ஊடக அமைச்சு) (also known as the Finance Ministry or the Treasury) is a cabinet ministry of the Government of Sri Lanka responsible for developing and executing the government’s public finance policy, economic policy and long term fiscal planning. The Treasury is housed at the General Treasury Building (also referred to as The Secretariat) in Fort.

Although the officer of the treasurer of the British Government of Ceylon dates back to the early nineteenth century the Ministry of Finance was established in 1947 prior to the independence of Ceylon as the Ministry of Finance and the Treasury of Ceylon with young J.R Jayawardena as the first Minister of Finance. Over time the Ministry took over the policy planning which it currently undertakes.


A new Sri Lanka through an economic environment that
facilitates rapid development and investment.


Design, propose, execute and evaluate, with efficiency and transparency,
economic and fiscal policies of the country towards promoting investment
and economic development to ensure quality living for the people


  • Formulate national economic and financial policies and strategies of the country.
  • Formulate fiscal policy and macro fiscal policy management.
  • Prepare national development plan and management of financial resources.
  • Manage national tax policy and effective use of government revenue.
  • Formulate monetary policies, in coordination with Central Bank.
  • Coordinate public and private sector activities and facilitation of the private sector for economic development.
  • Coordinate with international agencies and mobilize foreign resources ensuring effective use.
  • Manage and accounting for the consolidate fund and publication of annual accounts of the country on international standards.

Contact Details 

Ministry of Finance, Economy and Policy Development

The Secretariat

Lotus Road,

Colombo 01, Sri Lanka.

Phone : +94 112 484 500, +94 112 484 600, +94 112 484 700

Fax : +94 112 449 823

Email: [email protected]

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