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Advanced Android App development with Java

This program is focused on enhancing the knowledge of Android application developers while allowing those who have the basic knowledge to explore further capabilities available in the technology. The course is highly industry oriented and all the theory and practical sessions are conducted only by expert developers in the industry.

  • IT Professional
  • Mobile App Developers

Duration :

50 Hours

Course Fee :

Rs.25,000/- (All inclusive)

Installments :

Installment 1: 8,000/=
Installment 2: 8,500/=
Installment 3: 8,500/=

1. Understanding the industry requirements

1.1. Nature of applications
1.2. Customer expectations
1.3. Coding standards and best practices
1.4. Development concerns
1.5. User Interface Designing

2. Best practices and involving OOP concepts in developing

2.1. Clean code
2.2. Naming conventions and packaging
2.3. Debugging an application
2.4. Creating library projects
2.5. Exception handling
2.6. Creating interfaces
2.7. Using inheritance

3. Advanced Layout designing

3.1. Overview of basic layout designing
3.2. Using Android “Drawables” to style layouts
3.3. Android styles and themes
3.4. New and advanced UI components
3.4.1. Action Bar
3.4.2. View pager
3.4.3. Fragments
3.4.4. Listview and expandable Listviews
3.4.5. Toggle button
3.4.6. Navigation Drawer
3.5. Creating custom UI components
3.6. Creating dynamic layouts
3.7. Customizing Message outputs. ( Customizing Toast messages and dialogs)
3.8. Providing language support
3.9. Supporting Accessibility

4. Performing network operations in Android

4.1. Introduction to JSON
4.2. XML Parsing
4.3. Understanding web APIs
4.4. Async Task
4.5. HttpPOST, HttpGET, HttpPUT with HTTPClient
4.6. HttpURLConnection
4.7. Multipart Entitiy Builder
4.8. Writing files to server
4.9. Downloading files from server

5. Data persistence in Android

5.1. Saving and loading user preferences(Shared preferences)
5.2. Persisting data to files
5.2.1. Using internal storage
5.2.2. Using external storage
5.3. Creating and using databases -SQLite
5.4. Content Providers
5.5. Caching

6. Image and Camera handling

6.1. Handling Bitmaps
6.2. Using the inbuilt camera
6.3. Surface view and Canvas
6.4. Introduction to OpenGL

7. Advanced Android Programming

7.1. PDF generating with iText.
7.2. Integrating social media to the Android application
7.3. Android Services and multi-threading
7.4. Using Google play services
7.5. Introduction to sensor programming
7.6. Introduction to NDK


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