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Android Application Development with Java (Pearson Assured)

A course specially designed for those with a passion for innovation – creating solutions for everyday problems, for use by people on-the-go, with their Android devices.

You are eligible to apply for this programme if you have any of the following qualifications

  • Undergraduate
  • IT Professional

Duration :

36 Hours

Course Fee :

Rs. 19000/-

Installments: :

Installment 1: 7,500/=
Installment 2: 6,000/=
Installment 3: 5,500/=

Module 1 Introduction to mobile development

1.1 Introduction to Android
1.2 Android Releases
1.3 Android Architecture

Module 2- Setting up the Android Development Environment

2.1 Java, Android & ADT Plugin Installation
2.2 Android Emulator
2.3 Real Device as Debugging Tool
2.4 Getting Familiar with Development Environment
2.5 Develop Your First Application
2.6 Components of Android Project

Module 3- Android Application Components

3.1 Components Category
3.2 Android Application Lifecycle
3.3 Activity Stack
3.4 Activity Life Cycle

Module 4- Basic User Interface Design

4.1 Introduction
4.2 Layout
4.3 Padding AND Margin
4.4 User Interface Layouts
4.5 User Interface Components
4.6 Special Components
4.7 Multiple Screens User Interface Design

Module 5- Advanced Android

5.1 Fonts
5.2 Intents
5.3 Intent Filters and Broadcast Receivers
5.4 SQLite Database
5.5 Multi threading
5.6 Service
5.7 Notification
5.8 Near Field Communication (NFC)

Module 6- Publishing Android Applications

6.1 Signing Process
6.2 Signing Strategies

Student who are looking for work as Android developer or else Final year undergraduate student willing to submit Android Project, then this will be ideal course for you.


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