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BCS – Higher Education Qualifications (BCS-HEQ) is an internationally recognized IT Qualification for career in Computing and Information Technology. BCS-HEQ consists of three levels and successful completion of all 3 levels is Academic Equivalent to a UK University honours degree in IT.

Certificate in IT covers the essential core subjects of Information and Communication Technology. It is made up of three mandatory modules and Academic Equivalent to year one of a University Honours Degree in England. (UK NQF level 4) By completing the Certificate in IT, you are eligible to apply for BCS Associate (AMBCS) Membership.

  • Those who wish to become IT Professionals
  • No formal entry requirement for BCS-HEQ
    • After O/L’s
    • After A/L’s
    • IT Practitioner’s looking for IT Degree Level Qualifications

Duration :

  • Certificate in IT Minimum of 6 months

Training mode :

  • Lecture sessions
  • Practical sessions
  • Class activities
  • Revision Sessions

Assessment Method :

Written Examinations Only. Examinations are held twice a Year (March and September)

Course Fee :

Rs. 37,000 * 
1st Installment : Rs. 15,000
2nd Installment : Rs. 10,000
3rd Installment : Rs. 8,000
4th Installment : Rs. 4,000

Discount – Rs.4000/= (Till 25th March 2017)

Certification :

BCS- Charted institute of IT

Certificate in IT

All Three Modules are Compulsory

  • Information Systems
  • Software Development
  • Computer and Network Technology




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