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BTEC HND in Civil Engineering


HND in Civil Engineering leading to B.Sc. (Hons)/ B.Eng. (Hons) from the UK Universities.


The Edexcel – UK’s BTEC HND in Civil Engineering offered by BCAS provides an excellent opportunity to students to gain a thorough understanding in the field of Civil Engineering.  The course provides the required training to acquire the skills to fit into the construction industry competently and confidently.


The following are the core units the student will study in the course:

  • Health Safety and Welfare in Construction and Built Environment
  • Site Surveying Procedures for Construction
  • Design Principles and application for Constructions
  • Advanced Civil engineering


Construction is perhaps the only eternal of industries in the world. It must exist as long as the man needs dwellings and business premises for his survival.  They are in numerous forms – houses, apartments, shopping malls, warehouses, hotels, highways, dams etc. etc. and the list is endless. With Civil Engineers are much in demand for the world’s construction projects, career opportunities are ample and aplenty.


Those who complete this course will be able to earn handsomely.  Most employers prefer candidates with knowledge of AutoCAD.  We provide that training as well.

Get yourself armed with the BTEC HND qualification in Civil Engineering and become somebody in the perpetual construction industry.

Upon successful completion of BTEC HND in Civil Engineering students are facilitated to progress onto top-up degrees in Civil Engineering at reputed universities in UK, Australia etc by BCAS Study Abroad.


Students can also look forward to get some scholarships to complete their top-up studies overseas


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Programme Structure

 Programme Structure

Semester 1

  • Science and Materials for Construction & the Built Environment
  • Applied Mathematics for Construction & the Built Environment
  • Site Surveying Procedures for Construction & the Built Environment
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Manual Drawing

Semester 2

  • Design Principles & Application for Construction & the Built Environment
  • Health, Safety & Welfare for Construction & the Built Environment
  • Measurement Geology & Soil Mechanics

Semester 3

  • Computer Aided Design for Construction
  • Structure Analysis and Design
  • Hydraulic Principles and Applications
  • Worked – Based Experience

Semester 4

  • Transportation for Construction and the built Environment
  • Management Principles and Application for Construction and the Built Environment
  • Energy Utilization and Efficiency for Building Services Engineering
  • Group Project in the Construction Industry

Project Management for Building Services Engineering

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