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Certificate Course in Computer Science ( CCS )

  • Category

    Certificate Courses

  • Duration

    4 Months (Part Time)

  • Commencement


 The course provides an understanding of computer science fundamentals.The course helps students to decide whether to pursue higher studies in Computer Science.It also provides basic computer skills for work in Business Systems.

Syllabus / Content

    1. Introduction to Computer Science
    2. Number Systems and Computer Arithmetic
      • Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal number systems
      • Conversions between number systems
      • Binary arithmetic
    3. Data Representations
  • Data and Information
  • Quantitative Data: Two’s Complement, IEEE floating point representations
  • Qualitative Data: ASCII, EBCDIC and Unicode

4.System Software

  • MS DOS, MS Windows, Open Source Operating Systems

Entry Requirements

Sat for GCE O/L or A/L.


Lectures / Practicals / Assignments and Evaluation Test.

Course Director(s)

Ms. A M D Chandrasena (Colombo)
Ms. P R R W M I K Abhayasinghe (Kandy)
Ms. A U P Athukorala/ Ms. K H J Imalka (Matara)

Lectures & Practicals

From 0830 to 1630, Practicals: 2 hours per Week
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