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Certificate in VFX

What if you could turn daydreams into reality? Visual effects artists constantly break creative and mental boundaries by bringing new worlds and exciting fantasies to life. Wish you could be part of the action? Our Certificate in VFX aims to equip aspiring visual effects artists with industry-based production techniques as well as key visual and creative skills. It is highly practical with a major focus on developing hands-on experience in the use of industry tools. You will get a solid grounding in core principles of visual communication, special effects and post-production services.

  • O/L completed students
  • Working professionals
  • Those hoping to build a career in VFX
  • Those looking for a revenue earner for self-employment


4 Months

Course Fee:



Rs. 7,500 + Rs. 6,000 + Rs. 5,500

Video Editing


  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe After Effects

Course Content

  • Basic Video Editing
    • Introduction to Video Editing
    • Basic Tools and Editing Techniques
    • Special Effects
    • Video Structures
    • Basic Videography
  • Advanced Video Editing
    • Advanced Effects
    • Colour Grading