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Certificate in Web Development

In this course, students will learn to develop PHP scripts to perform a variety of tasks, culminating in the development of a full database-driven Web page.

  • Beginners looking to learn fundamental concepts in web development.


3 Months

Course Fee:

Rs. 22,000


Rs. 8,000 + (Rs. 7,000 x 2)

  • Installing and Configuring Apache, PHP, phpMyAdmin and MySQL
  • Basics of PHP
  • String Manipulation and Regular Expression
  • Working with Numbers
  • Managing Date and Time
  • Files and Directories
  • PHP Arrays
  • Writing Functions and Reusing Code
  • Object-Oriented in PHP
  • Relational Databases and Database Implementation
  • Accessing your MySQL Database from the Web with PHP
  • Using Session Control in PHP
  • Generating PDF Reports using PDFlib
  • Generating Graphs using GD2