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Diploma in Academic English

Our Academic English programme is for anyone who is planning to pursue higher studies or a career that involves the production of high quality report writing, assignments and dissertations, effective speeches and presentations in an English speaking environment.

As an Academic English student at ESOFT, you will be provided the academic support and guidance you need to succeed. Apart from regular lessons, your progress will be assessed throughout the course via Assignments and Module tests.

Special programmes (customised curriculum, duration and/or venue) for groups can be arranged upon request.


  • Pearson Assured Diploma in English at ESOFT with a score above 80 OR
  • Any other English qualification accepted by the English Faculty at ESOFT

NOTE: All students will be expected to sit for a Placement Test (Two hours) prior to Registration



4 months (48 hours – 3 hours per session )
Morning and Evening schedules available (weekdays / weekends).

Course Fee :

Rs. 24,500 (Inclusive of Pearson Fee)


Rs. 8,000 + (Rs. 5,500 x 3)

Registration Fee :


Attractive Group Discounts for University students


Advanced Grammar

  • Active voice / Passive voice
  • Direct / Indirect Speech
  • Conditional forms
  • Avoiding common errors

Study Skills

  • Academic Essays
  • Selecting key points & Note making
  • Plagiarism & Referencing
  • Summarising & Paraphrasing
  • Proofreading
  • Academic Vocabulary
  • Describing Visual Information
  • Effective Reading – Skimming and scanning

Effective Communication

  • Effective Speeches
  • Presentation Skills



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