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Diploma in Business English

Have you ever felt that your competitors were passing you by? That by not being fluent in English and understanding business systems you were losing—or never even attaining—your competitive edge? That your inability to speak English fluently was preventing you from getting ahead? From expanding into new markets? That you could reach the next level of productivity and increase profits if only you could communicate like a native?

Our Business English course looks at helping an individual working in a business environment to develop his communication skills (both written and spoken) to be able to enhance value for himself and the organisation.

Special programmes (customised curriculum, duration and/or venue) for groups can be arranged upon request.


Anybody who works in an English-speaking environment, or plans to, will benefit greatly from this course.


Duration :

4 months (48 hours – 3 hours per session)

Morning and Evening schedules available (weekdays / weekends)

Course Fee :

Rs. 19,500 (Inclusive of Pearson Fee)


Rs. 6,000 + (Rs. 4,500 x 3)

Registration Fee :




  • Company and Job
  • Diplomatic Language
  • Common Expressions in Business
  • Memorandums, meeting minutes taking, note taking
  • Professional emails and networking
  • Business letters
  • Handling problems and customer complaints
  • Interviewing skills
  • Telephone etiquette
  • Effective speeches
  • Business Presentation skills
  • Creating the perfect CV
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