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Diploma in Game Development

This is the ideal course for programmers who are interested in making a career in Game Development. Using Unity 3D and C# scripting, this programme will give you the hands on experience and game development exposure you desire. It will be an advantageous for your higher ICT studies in the field of programming as well.

Unity 3D is the technology that can make the life of the game developer easier. It is the most popular game development tool for Independent game developers also known as Indi game developers.

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  • Software Programmers and anyone who is interested

Prerequisite skills

Students should have basic knowledge in programming. Should have some experience in a programming language like Javascript, C#, Java, etc.

Duration :

3 months (12 classes)

Course Fee :


Installments :

Registration– 40%
1st installment – 30%
2nd installment – 30%

Registration Fee:


Day 1

Chapter 1 – Introduction to Game Development

  • Game development industry
  • How to make games

Chapter 2 – Introduction to Unity Interface

  • Create new project/new scene
  • Navigate in Unity environment

Chapter 3 – Interface Setup

  • Explain main menu items
  • Explaining Transformers, coordinates, and inspector elements
  • Creating Game Objects
  • Explain edit menu items
  • Explain assets menu

Day 2

Chapter 4 – Introducing Terrain Editor

  • Setting up the terrain
  • Painting the terrain
  • Paining textures
  • Placing trees
  • Explain Paint details
  • Using Detail meshes
  • Explain Terrain settings
  • Improving scenes by adding lights and skyboxes

Day 3

  • Introduction to Unity scripting with C#
  • How to add script to an object
  • Introducing mono behaviour
  • Explain the anatomy of unity script
  • What are variables?
  • How to find errors in unity code, explain console
  • Transforming and rotating objects with script
  • Introducing vectors
  • Conditional statements
  • Checking distance to objects with Vector3.Distance
  • How to find things in scene with tags and name
  • Explain Ray casting
  • How to display Time in scripts
  • Introducing Physics in Unity game engine
  • Introducing materials
  • How to detect collisions in a game
  • Explain triggers in a game
  • Introducing prefabs and Instantiate prefabs in game

Day 4

  • Practical – Conduct series of experiments.

Day 5

After the basic introduction to unity game environment, will create series of small games till the end of the course. I will introduce other unity concepts gradually during this time. The students will learn how to make small game using unity game engine.

Taught Using

  • Unity 3D Game Engine
  • C# Scripting


  • Fully hands on



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