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Food safety,Animal and plant Hygiene

The Government of Sri Lanka is committed to develop Sri Lanka as a Knowledge-Economy in par with other industrialized countries. Sri Lanka as a signatory to the Agreements of World Trade Organization, is expected to maintain international standards in assuring of food safety at export and import. This requires a knowledgeable work force to assist the food industry to ensure safety and quality of food products exported, and at the catering services as an expanding tourist destination. The country also requires an administrative workforce that could understand the actual risks associated with foods, especially in importing, producing and processing of foods locally. This requires a clear understanding of food safety principles and their applications based on sound science, in line with the developed countries. The export food industry, which is becoming a rapidly increasing income earner, need to possess management persons who could interpret international food regulations to avoid disappointments at export, and effectively use the regulations to acquire price-competitive market opportunities. Strengthening of the human resource to address issues connected with “Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS)” and the “Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)” of WTO is essential in facilitating international trade in the food sector.

The main objective of the Postgraduate diploma is to strengthen the food safety, animal health and plant hygiene knowledge of the candidates who have already acquired basic food Science & Technology knowledge through university level education and / or experience in the food industry.

Dr. Upali Samarajeewa, Emeritus Professor in Food Science & Technology and International Expert in Food Safety
Dr. N.K. Adikaram, Emeritus Professor in Botany and International Expert in Plant Health
Dr. R. A. U. J. Marapana, Senior Lecturer in Food Science (specialty: meat science)
Mr. E. G. Somapala (Retired Government Analyst; Food)
Dr. Eresha Mendis, Senior Lecturer in Food Science (National Expert in food safety management systems, Food Quality Management and Functional Food)
Dr. Nimsha Weerakkody, Senior Lecturer in Agricultural and Plantation Engineering (Food Molecular and Microbiology)
Prof. K. K. D. S. Ranaweera, Professor
in Food Science
Dr. Niranjan Rajapaksa, Senior Lecturer in Food Science and Technology (Food Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology)
Dr. Sriyani Pieris, Professor, Horizon campus. (Plant Biotechnology)
Dr. Lekha Wanasekera, Senior Lecturer, Dean/Science, Horizon Campus (Medical Biotechnology)

Persons in the supervisory grades of the food industry
Persons engaged in international food trade
Technical and quality Managers operating food safety management systems
Food Inspectors and Public Health Inspectors
Persons responsible for import-export examination of food
Graduates seeking employment in the food industry
Managers along the food chain from “farm to folk”
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