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Master of Business Administration

The objective of a MBA programme is to introduce Graduates of disciplines other than management or business to the world of strategic management and Prepare them from higher managerial positions. Even though created for people without management Background or formal qualifications in business MBA programmes taday are popular with those having a Bachelor’s level qualification in management And looking for a master’s programme that prepares them to climb the corporate ladder.
Horizon MBA is created with these requirements in mind.It covers all basic managerial topics to bring those without a business background up to speed and Progress for corporate management.

Duration 2 Years
Credits 95
Mode of Study Full Time / Part Time
Type of award MBA

Busy professionals who want to develop their careers while working and balancing family and lifestyle commitments.

Graduate students who seek to expand their managerial and leadership skills.

A bachelor’s degree form a recognized university or An equivalent professional qualification matching the University Grant Commission’s Sri Lanka Qualifications Framework’s (SLQA) Level 5.
Contemporary Management
Business Economics
Quantitative Techniques & Statistics for Management
Executive Accounting
Human Resources Management
Financial Management/ Cost @ Management Accounting
Management Information System
Organizational Behaviour
Strategic Management
Research Methods & packaged based data Analysis
Entrepreneurship & Forming new business ventures
Corporate Finance
Elements of Brand Management & Brand Activation
Operations Management
International business
Digital Marketing
Leadership & Change Management



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