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SLCSF Scholarships are currently limited only to Sri Lankan students who have passed the most recent GCE (O/L) examination with a minimum of seven (7) A’s and are now studying for their GCE (Advanced Level) examination. Unfortunately, SLCSF will not be able to currently help other applicants outside this target group due to limited funds.

Our current focus is on students in Sri Lanka who are studying in grades 12 and 13. The Foundation annually selects a number of students and provides Sri Lankan Rupees 1500 per student per month for a total of 24 months (two years).

How are the students selected?

By advertising in Sri Lankan newspapers, applications are invited from students who satisfy the following criteria:

  • An academic achievement of a minimum of seven (7) ‘A’ passes (out of 9 subjects) in the most recent GCE O/L (General Certificate of Education – Ordinary Level) examination.
  • GCE (O/L) examination results certified by the school principal.
  • A certification from the Grama Officer (the Government Representative for the area of residence of the student) attesting to the suitability of the student for financial support for education, based on the economic standing of the family.

Out of the applications received that satisfy the above criteria, the Board of Directors select the most deserving children based on a priority ranking of academic excellence, economic hardships and other factors such as family handicaps (eg: deceased parents), for the award of the scholarships. After the scholarship has been awarded, the student’s suitability for continued assistance is evaluated, based on their performance in the examinations conducted by the schools.

Read the instructions carefully before completing the application. Complete and mail us either the English or Sinhala application form.


  • English Scholarship Application form (PDF)
  • English Instructions to complete the Scholarship Application form (PDF)


  • Sinhala Scholarship Application form (PDF)
  • Sinhala Instructions to complete the Scholarship Application form (PDF)

Complete your application with signatures and official stamps of the School Principal and Grama Officer, and mail it to the following address, prior to the closing date.

Dr. Bandula Abeysundara
Secretary, Sri Lanka – Canada Scholarship Foundation
1406 Garibaldi Place
Coquitlam, BC
V3E 2S6

As it could take 2-3 weeks for us to receive your application, please mail it at least 2-3 weeks prior to the closing date. It is NOT essential to send your application by registered post.